Survival Part 2

Duck Lake Books presents

Survival Part 2
Trees, Birds, Ocean, Bees

poetry chapbook by

Marjorie Moorhead

Book Release Date
February 1, 2020

ISBN: 978-1-943900-06-0
42 pages / paperback


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copies will arrive on or before
February 1, 2020

EPUB editions will be available on Kindle, Nook and Apple Books February 1, 2020.

Survival Part 2: Trees, Birds, Ocean, Bees is a 42 page chapbook that explores the poet’s place in the environment. Clearly, our planet is in environmental crisis, but this book digs deeper than that. As our species and ecosystems struggle for survival, humanity struggles too. Survival of the human soul is tied to our relationship with the natural world. Moorehead’s poetry lives, as we all should, in harmony with nature.

“I seem to have more to say about my (our) relationship with the natural world; about finding balance.”
—Marjorie Moorhead

When thinking about the role of poetry, Marjorie agrees with poet Vievee Francis, that “…it’s hard to harm someone you know… Reading my work makes it impossible not to know me” (Valley News 5/26/2017, Vievee Francis interviewed by Emmajean Holley). We should all find our voice and speak our truth; listen to others’ voices and truths and get to know our intimate relationship with our environment. This is required for healthy survival.

About the Poet

Marjorie Moorhead is a native New Englander. A peaceful childhood near forests, ponds, mountains, rivers prepared her for later challenges. She is an AIDS survivor, having navigated devastating years before viable treatment became available and ignorance fed stigma. So fortunate to have lived, found love, and raised healthy children, Marjorie eventually found her voice with poetry, and has continued honing the craft. She meets twice monthly with 4th Friday Poets, and does regular prompt-writing with WISE women. Thanks to a tuition scholarship awarded by Indolent Books, Marjorie spent a week in August, 2019, at Fine Arts Work Center, Provincetown MA, workshopping poetry with Sophie Cabot Black and her group.

Marjorie has had two award winning poems, and is included in many anthologies, with subjects of climate change, New England poetry, and womxn writers, as well as poems published at many online poetry and literary journal sites. Her debut chapbook is Survival: Trees, Tides, Song (2019 Finishing Line Press). Her poem, “Me”, will be part of a NH Master Chorale world premiere, ‘Voices of the Silenced’, with music commissioned by Kim AndrĂ© Arnesen (11/2019).

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