Not Only / But Also

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Not Only / But Also

poetry by

Anne Higgins


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Not Only / But Also is book of poetry in which Anne Higgins looks back at youth and life’s trials and joys with the wisdom of age. Her poems echo the canon of English poetry in a unique honesty beyond mere allusion. She has absorbed the lessons of Shakespeare, Milton, Hopkins, Dickinson and Blake and filtered them back to us in slices of contemporary American life, the cruelty of musical chairs, the joy of hopscotch, the agony of aging and loss. She Not Only / But Also stakes her claim to the heart of American poetry.

Anne Higgins leads a life of poetry; and also, a God - centered life. She's not, however, a poetry proselytizer or persuader. She just writes poems about the radiance of the ordinary. Inspired by nature, art and literature, these poems are like bathing in a fresh stream of cool crystal-clear water.
 — Grace Cavalieri

“In this intimate and humane collection, Higgins juxtaposes personal experiences and sensory-rich appreciations of the natural world against the greater mysteries… Higgins sees beyond to lend dignity, beauty and reverence to it all.”
Gary Blankenburg
founding editor of the Maryland Poetry Review

“In these clear-eyed poems Higgins summons the yearning central to the poet’s work, as she gathers the shards of experience to create a mosaic of nostalgia. Nature, time, and memory reside at the heart of this book.”
Elizabeth Knapp
Hood College
The Spite House (C&R Press, 2011)

“Sr. Anne Higgins’ poetry is infused with the abundance of God’s grace in this world—the beauties of childhood, the ‘fragrant names’ of flowers in the courtyard garden, the touch of satin, but this does not mean that she ignores the occasional darkness—whether it be the challenges of aging or a father with Alzheimer’s or a boy having a tantrum in a hushed library or the pain of absence after a death. These are poems that reveal the holy, as all good poetry does, and grapple with life’s ambiguities, as all the best poetry should.”
Jill Baumgaertner
Wheaton College
former editor of The Christian Century

 “Anne Higgins’ poems announce the glory of every living thing, at every stage of its living. These poems come with the pin-prick details of Emily Dickinson and the embracing width of Walt Whitman… [these poems] offer us a way of seeing the world beyond good and bad, in the direction of wisdom.”
Joseph Ross
Ache (Sibling Rivalry Press, 2017)

About the Poet:

Anne Higgins teaches English at Mount Saint Mary’s University in Emmitsburg, Maryland. She has had over one hundred poems published in a variety of print and online magazines. Her poems were featured several times on Garrison Keillor’s The Writer's Almanac.

Other books by Anne Higgins include At the Years Elbow, Mellen Poetry Press (2000), Scattered Showers in a Clear Sky Plain View Press (2007), Pick It Up and Read, Finishing Line Press (2008), How the Hand Behaves, Finishing Line Press (2009), Digging for God, Wipf and Stock (2010),Vexed Questions, Aldrich Press (2013) Reconnaissance, Texture Press (2014), and Life List, Finishing Line Press (2016).

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