Hello Universe Lovers

Duck Lake Books presents

Hello Universe Lovers

a poetry chapbook by

Keith Mark Gaboury

Book Release Date
May 15, 2020

ISBN: 978-1-943900-45-9


copies will arrive on or before the release date

Hello Universe Lovers is a time-bending journey into the "unmapped atmosphere" where the "cosmos is alive," a live, lithe, many-armed serpent of possibility and imagination. From The Lunar Kingdom to The Planet X Soap Opera, you might find The Milky Way in L.A. or make a pitstop at The Moon Country Museum and Bar. Here in the far reaches of space, we are gifted a "cosmic sight," a view of the moon, a fresh perspective of the whole of Earth in its "pocket of light" as outer space "slavishly / pipes the unity of gravity into our universe." Bring your "alien heart," and "gather as one nucleus" as poet Keith M. Gaboury gives us so many wonderfully strange and daring ways to return home.

How to Live on Bread and Music

There’s a new ultimate trip and Keith Mark Gaboury is our director. He’ll fly us from a galaxy where we’ll “trip / on some cracked dark matter” to the Apollo National Park to see “…a glass case /showcasing Armstrong’s / first footprint….”  Gaboury’s ambitious, lofty poems celebrate science fiction from its pulpy beginnings to its futureless present. The heroes of Hello Universe Lovers are not ship captains, explorers, or scientists—but the grunts, the citizens of the belly-side of space or the humans stranded on earth. His people are brown-baggers, miners, pulling shifts at The Photon Refinery their heads “…swirling / at the intersection of host and desire /under the only sky” they will ever know. Gaboury’s arresting images and deft lines elucidate the collision of a space opera and a blues sung by Martian farmers. Gaboury dazzles!

How to Build the Ghost in Your Attic

The speaker of the poem, “Blood in the Cosmos,” articulates, with a panache typical of the rest of the book that is sometimes understated, sometimes brazen, the project of Keith M. Gaboury’s Hello Universe Lovers: “I look upon the cosmos / like a body sliced open  / by my eye of precision / asking questions / under constellations I praise.” Gaboury’s musings over space legends couple with a down-to-earth reckoning directed towards an earthling’s concerns. On the shores of Gaboury’s fecund imagination, every type of unexpected flotsam washes up, as in “Planet X Soap Opera,” in which, of all things, “a flat-earther / swam into the Atlantic, / seeking to breaststroke off the globe” and “dairy spilled / before the plot points // of exoskeleton females / dramatizing within the off-Nowhere theatrics.” Read Hello Universe Lovers and experience the thrill a mind like Gaboury’s milking cosmic strangeness can summon.

House You Cannot Reach

About the Poet:

Keith Mark Gaboury earned a M.F.A. in creative writing from Emerson College. His poems have appeared in such literary publications as Poetry Quarterly, New Millennium Writings, and Eclectica. Keith is a poet, preschool teacher, and runner in Oakland, California.

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