Dindi Expecting Snow

from the Great Lakes, amusement parks,
fast food courts, small bars and cemeteries

Kenneth Pobo

digs into the heart of America to give us

Dindi Expecting Snow


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Reading in order the poems in Kenneth Pobo's Dindi Expecting Snow is like piecing together the puzzled, complicated life of a young person from her humble origins in Michigan's Upper Peninsula to her emerging realization into an Everywoman. Out-of-place Dindi, introspective, faintly disturbing and, at times, downright funny, mirrors the conflicted American that is housed, in part, within each of us today.  Pobo's poetic sequence offers a life that may well be the unspoken drama for many at the beginnings of this twenty-first century.

Terry Savoie
Reading Sunday (Bight Hill Press, 2018)

Ken Pobo is a tender writer. With careful language, he has urged into existence Dindi, made genuine by the inclusion of her family, penchants, exploits, and full interior life. That these poems sprang from a singular fascination with a Portuguese word (pronounced “Jin-jee” in English) in Tom Jobim’s  bossa nova standard, is remarkable.

Valerie Wallace
House of McQueen (Four Way Books, 2016)

Kenneth Pobo was born in 1954 and grew up in Villa Park, Illinois. He teaches creative writing and English at Widener University in Pennsylvania. He and his husband like to garden and collect vinyl records from the fifties through the seventies. He wrote his first poem at age fifteen, inspired by “Crystal Blue Persuasion” by Tommy James and the Shondells. His most recent books are Loplop in a Red City (2017), Booking Rooms in the Kuiper Belt (2015), and Bend of Quiet (2015). His work has appeared in Hawaii Review, Mudfish, Two Thirds North, Nimrod, Atlanta Review, and elsewhere.

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