Dear Everyone

Duck Lake Books presents

Dear Everyone

short stories by
Gregory J. Wolos

Book Release Date
February 25, 2020

ISBN: 978-1-943900-34-3

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In Dear Everyone, Gregory J. Wolos, crafts a collection of short stories that reflect Kafka’s assertion: literature “must be an ice ax to break the sea frozen inside us.” The characters Wolos creates come with the honesty of flawed humans. Whether they are cruel, insensitive, manipulative, innocent or ignorant, there is a belief that all is right with the world if only you’ll let it be. In one story, Wolos discusses the murmuration of starlings, “With special cameras they’ve determined that each individual bird only looks at the nearest six or seven around it. Visually, anyway, no single bird knows what the whole flock of thousands is up to. The shape the flock takes seems like it has to be somebody else’s idea, not theirs.” This is the metaphorical “ice ax” Wolos uses to pick away at that frozen sea within us. We read his stories as if the characters are the six or seven birds closest to us, but when we step back and look at the whole clouded sky, we see ourselves, we see that the triumph of the human spirit is possible.

Reading Dear Everyone by Gregory J. Wolos is like a scintillating conversation with a much smarter friend, a friend with an enterprising sense of wonder and a faithfulness to the ambiguity of life. These wise, wry, and wildly entertaining stories will remind you why you fell in love with fiction in the first place. Wolos pays attention to our world, celebrates our fragile and complicated lives, and opens a space in front of us so we can see more clearly.
John Dufresne
I Don’t Like Where This Is Going
W.W. Norton & Company, 2017

About the Author:

Gregory J. Wolos lives, writes, and runs in a small New England town. More than eighty of his short stories have been published or are forthcoming in print and online journals such as Glimmer TrainThe Georgia ReviewThe Florida Review, The Baltimore ReviewThe PinchPost RoadThe Los Angeles ReviewPANK, and Tahoma Literary Review. His work has earned six Pushcart Prize nominations and his stories have won awards sponsored by SolsticeGulf StreamNew SouthEmrys Review, the Rubery Book Awards, and Gambling the Aisle. 

Dear Everyone is his second published collection of short fiction. His first collection, Women of Consequence, was released by Regal House Publishing in 2019, and a third collection,
The Thing About Men, will be published by Cervena Barva Books in 2021.

Wolos holds a doctorate from the University at Albany.

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