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Daniel Edward Moore

Book Release Date
December 1, 2019

ISBN: 978-1-943900-90-9

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December 1, 2019.

The chapbook, Boys, like real boys packs raw, powerful emotion in a deceptively small package. These are twenty-five poems that wrestle with sorrows and joys, strength and weakness, power and vulnerability that all boys struggle with on the journey to manhood, but few have the artistic talent to shape into words. Daniel Edward Moore takes us on a poetic journey into the souls of boys with honest grit, integrity and sensitivity. Boys is an epic journey disguised as a chapbook.

The most important poems change us; the most lasting ones, change us for the good. Daniel Edward Moore's poems in his new collection, Boys, are as powerful for their honesty and vulnerability, as they are for their depictions—mirrors—of what it means to take the masks completely off and become “between moans of pleasure / making a path only pain can walk—” that core of who we are meant to be. It is not an easy journey. These are poems that punch and kiss at the same time; a boxing match between desire and memory, faith and disbelief. They urge us to face the truths we often hide from, and more important, face the truths we look square in the face and embrace. Beautifully crafted, with the muscle of extraordinary imagery and emotion, they are also simply transformational—using the poet's art to inhabit us, fill us, and urge us to ask not who we are, but who can we become. They are poems that change us, indeed, for the good.
Philip F. Clark
Sibling Rivalry Press, 2017

In poetry, what I look for—hope for—is to come upon a voice like no other. That’s what I find in Daniel Edward Moore’s Boys, a collection of poems in an utterly distinctive voice, where rage and pain rise suddenly off the page like startled quail. Moore’s images come in cascades, vivid and immediate, as in the poem “Dreaming of Sacrifice Gone,” about a deeply religious farmer—the speaker's father—who has “hands that turned fields into green congregations.” Through the alchemy of language, the world’s hurts can become luminous. And in Moore’s poems, they do.
Edward Harkness
Pleasure Boat Studio, 2018

About the Poet:

Daniel Edward Moore is an award-winning poet whose works have appeared in literary journals such as American Literary Review, Columbia Journal of Arts And Literature, Spoon River Poetry Review, Rattle, Mid-American Review, Assaracus Review, and many others. His first book, Waxing the Dents, was a finalist for the Brick Road Poetry Prize and will be published by Brick Road Poetry Press in April 2020.

The poet’s website:

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